types of hemorrhoidsMost hemorrhoid symptoms can easily observe at home, especially when bleeding happened. When it comes up you don’t have to be panic, there is some home treatment for hemorrhoids that you can do at own your home.

Eat more fiber. It came from fruits, vegetables and fiber supplements e.g. Citrucel, Fiber Con or Metamucil. Fiber able to make stools soften and more easy to relieve, if it is consumed together with enough water. This affect on reducing pressure on hemorrhoids. So it will also reduce the bleeding and inflammation. The other advantage, fiber can decrease irritation caused by little stool that are trapped around blood vessels. For natural treatment get more fruits and vegetables that are available in your local food stores. High fiber foods like beans, broccoli, wheat, orange, prunes and bananas. It is suggested that you take 30 grams or less of fiber everyday. But start the treatment gradually than reach that right dose and don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Seek pain relief. First aid to relief pain that you can get from home is small pack of ice, it is good for reducing swelling and pain. Take them and put on the anal area for a few minutes. And don’t sit on a hard surface if you still want to do some activities by sitting. Another pain relief is came from creams yeastrol.info, salves or ointments. Some creams contain hydro cortisone that are effective but for long use it will make skin to atrophy. Herbal salves and ointments like Rue Care Oil works immediately for some hemorrhoids cases.

Sitz. Also called a hip bath, which only the hips and buttocks are soaked in warm water. The used of sitz came from the German verb “sitzen,” meaning “to sit. It helps to have more lesser of irritations, itching and muscle spasms. You can use regular bathtub with warm water as high as your hips or small plastic tubs that you can get from Pharmacies stores. It is recommended sitz treatment for about 20 minutes each time after you pass stool and three time or less per day for addition. Do not wipe hard the anal area, let it dry normally or use hair dryer to dry the area. You can also pat the anal area gently to have it dry.

Exercise. Do treadmill exercise at home or some jogging for about half an hour a day to stimulate bowel function.

Take time. Do not wait until next time if you feel the urge to defecate, go to the toilet straight away when it comes. If you postpone the process it will make stool stacking up, leading to straining and increased pressure. It is bad for your hemorrhoids. It is proper if you take time each day to pass stools to set up a regular bowel habit.

Do some of those easy treatments while you follow its improvement, if it don’t get any better you must ask your personal physician for medical treatments.